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Who are we?

This clan had been for a time planned to be founded. The plans started in september, but we waited untill new year to be a new fresh 2010 clan. The clan was founded by Sykes (Daniel Sandvik) on the first january 2010. Pretty awesome actually. The first day and the first weeks, he sorted out how to handle the clan, and in later time got his first members to the clan. When the days passed, more members kept coming. We went trough clan trainings, also did some small friendly clan wars. First of the clan started with the name The Na'vis, like from the new movie Avatar. We agreed in the clan that the name would get boring after a time, so we decided to change name to Reconnected. Some days after, we edited the name from Reconnected to Team Reconnected.

The clan is only norwegians players, and will always be. Reason why? Well you see. The norwegian language is hard for other people to understand, and we love it. We communicate on Skype while we are in game and clan matches. If there would be people joining from another country, and didn't understand norwegian, they would never understand a thing. So, we are having and going to keep having a clean norwegian clan.