Weebly Site


Welcome to Team Reconnected's official website. As you can see, the site is not complete at it's fullest, but we are updating it every day so be patient. While the site is under construction, you can always contact us by click "Contact us" page in the Navigation. Our admins and clan members can be found on steam, and in game. We also use Skype as our communication to chat to eachother with.

Latest Matches

Now is our first match results and a written text and conclusion from our very first clanwar against the MW2CNET community. There is a little info about the match on the page, and screenshots from the match results. The screenshots are pretty small, but you can manage to see who is who and who won the match and what the score of the players are...


New Clan Logo?

The clan needs a clan logo offcourse, but what do we want to have?